Totál Vokál: Biography

The band first appeared on stage in May 2011. As it happens, it resulted from a series of fortunate coincidences, sort of a dare and a bit of luck as well. Since the band was already in the world, we decided to arrange an awesome life for it and enjoy lots and lots of fun!

Therefore, we try to breathe a fresh dimension into our music and to add an aspect seldom seen among other vocal bands. We strive to connect an artistically valuable musical expression with a humorous or even grotesque concept of the performed pieces and to create the "big something" that people across the Ocean commonly call the show!

The CD "Díky, kluci!" can be ordered by e-mail or via FB message for 150 CZK ≈ 6 €/pc. It is necessary to specify the delivery address and add the fees for shipping and handling (the CD is delivered COD as a standard package via Czech Post). There is also the possibility of purchasing the CD at the concerts.

Totál Vokál guest performs at concerts and various social events. The band has participated in several music festivals and also holds their own performances. Moreover we offer wedding as well as funereal repertoires.

From the very beginning, the band is formed by these members:

Člen vokální kapely Totál Vokál - Růža


Sometimes called "the most beautiful of the beauties". She competes with herself in having the highest number of graduation exams (so far she has managed to have two of those). What does she really love? Colourful things, dots and buttons. Get it?

Člen vokální kapely Totál Vokál - Terka


A great adornment of the band. If there is something she cannot live without, it's her afro-wig. Nevertheless, from all the possible activities she enjoys forgetting the most – anything, anywhere, anytime. Things happen.

Člen vokální kapely Totál Vokál - Anička


The francophile candy of the band. She's also very much into talking and singing in English (because she's really good at it). However, the thing she loves the most is Erik. Oh la la!

Člen vokální kapely Totál Vokál - Kchárl


Very cool guy, indeed. Furthermore, he's multilingual: translating foreign texts literally amuses him. Although, his fairly well-groomed moustache is the biggest enjoyment to him. Ja! Natürlich!

Člen vokální kapely Totál Vokál - Erik


Total hottie of the band. He adores nature, puppies and Anička. The thing he likes the most? Being sexy, of course. Vrrr!

Člen vokální kapely Totál Vokál - Kamil


Kamil is the Master of organizing. He likes to organize stuff. More precisely, he loves it… Actually, he loves it the most in the world. Howgh!


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